Rao, Barrett and Welsh


Over the last 3 years I have commissioned Murali Murthy's services on numerous occasions on both mainstream and multicultural projects and I can say without reservation that it has been my great pleasure and privilege to have worked with him.


One of the main reasons I enjoy working with Murali is that he brings a tremendous positive energy to every assignment. He is a passionate problem solver who loves the business and is never fazed by its challenges.


He is an accomplished writer in at least 4 languages (I suspect there are other languages and abilities hidden in him). While a prodigious writer with a great facility for words as the tools of his trade, Murali also adds strategic weight to any team. He absorbs the brief and internalizes it, and then expends his energy in exactly the kind of combustion that produces a truly creative solution.


Murali's talents and skills have not made him a prima donna. Far from it. He is easy to work with and extremely pleasant company. When he has been paired with very junior creative partners he has proved to be a gentle, generous guide and mentor.


I have used Murali's skills to create content for websites, headlines for ads, copy for brochures and even slogans on the side of promotional giveaways. He participates in strategy sessions with me routinely, and I consider him a valued member of my multicultural creative advisory team.


Murali is co-Chair of CAMP - Communication Advertising and Marketing Professionals - a forum where immigrants in the business reach out to others and help each other integrate into the Canadian job market.


Murali will shine wherever he goes - it is one reason his ex-employers and colleagues are still in touch with him. I am happy to offer a personal reference for Murali should one be required.

Gavin Barrett, Partner, Creative Director