Jacobsons Direct Marketing, M.E and Asia


Murali and I have worked together many times in the past few years and I am always impressed with his excellence in all aspects of advertising.
I’ve watched him as a writer/creative director surmount possible disasters with ease and keep the action rolling, doing this while maintaining a pleasant, friendly atmosphere among his team – no mean feat!


He has a strong dedication to producing the best work possible and plans even the tiniest detail to make sure that the production is excellent. As a writer, he is able to integrate the idea with the brief without artifice and be faithful to his theme. I believe is the best copywriter who can visualize – certainly the best I’ve worked with! Murali is a rare combination of intellect, art and pragmatism, which for an agency manager is a giant plus.


I recommend Murali very highly and would hire him again – not just because he’s brilliant or deals well with people, but because he gets the job done!

George Jacob, Managing Director