Marshall Fenn Communications


I write this letter of reference for Murali R. Murthy with pleasure. Murali is a talented copywriter with a lot of potential. He would be a definite asset to any creative department.


Murali was hired here to work on one of our larger US accounts. The timeline was extremely tight and the task was to create a new integrated multimedia campaign. Murali was able to quickly comprehend the strategy and began conceptualizing ideas within his first hour of his being here. His commitment was obvious as he worked most evenings and didn’t give up until he felt he had done his best job.


Murali worked with a variety of people in every department and was very well liked by all. He knows how to work as a team player and treats each individual with incredible respect no matter what stresses are involved. Murali has a great passion for the business and proves that with his drive to deliver strategically strong, innovative and compelling ideas. A combination that sometimes is hard to find.

Jeff Wilbee, Creative Director