Armstrong Partnership

As the Creative Director at Armstrong Partnership Ltd., I recently had the pleasure of working with Murali Murthy. As a promotional agency, we were invited to pitch on a piece of new business that included the launch of a new product.
Murali made significant contributions in the brainstorm sessions that gave birth to our pitch concepts. We worked together to develop three distinct solutions for the prospective client. These three different approaches gave the pitch the desired breadth while remaining on target.


Not only was he able to conceptualize and offer solid consumer and trade copy, but he helped greatly with his written rationale for the sell-in. Working and interacting with Murali was very enjoyable. He is attentive and committed to solving problems. His professional approach to the creative writing we required resulted in our agency winning the business, and for that we are grateful.


I am writing this in the hope that you will have an opportunity to experience Murali's talent first hand as I did. His drive and experience combine to deliver not only a high quality product but also strong working relationships. I would not hesitate to recommend him for a position with your company in either a full-time or contract capacity and am confident that he will offer immediate value to you and your team. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Joel Trojanowski, Creative Director